.02 Government
Certain changes are initiated by state or federal government and may affect the entire caseload or portions of the caseload. Changes in any of the following require a mass change be completed:
CA Standards of Need.
Income standards and deductions.
Resource standards.
Other changes in the eligibility criteria based on.
Legislative or regulatory actions.
Periodic adjustments to cash benefits.
When FAA knows at least 30 days in advance of changes to CA benefit amounts, the corresponding NA change must be made in the same month.
When FAA does not have at least 30 days notice of changes to CA benefit amounts, effect the resulting NA change for the month following the month the CA benefit change was made.
Annual and seasonal adjustment to SSA, SSI, and other federal benefits.
The participants are not responsible for reporting these changes.
FAA is responsible for automatically adjusting the benefit level to reflect the change.