.01 AZTECS Mass Change Jobs
At the time of monthly rollover, AZTECS runs mass change. AZTECS runs the following types of mass change jobs:
Changes in CA, NA.
Changes in the income maximums.
Changes in deductions.
Cost of living adjustments for SSI and SSA benefits.
Determining how CA changes on individual cases affect NA benefits.
Differences in the prospective month's income, expenses, etc. (An alert is generated when a discrepancy is found.
AZTECS because of changes in programming.
The following information must be correctly keyed in AZTECS for the mass change process to occur successfully:
The case must be in the current system month.
Benefits for the current month must be authorized.
All income must be correctly coded.
When the participant pays their own Medicare premium, the Medicare amount must be keyed in the TY SUB fields on EXNS using the ME MC Expense Codes. (See BDXI to determine who is the premium payer)
When the above conditions have not or cannot be met, alerts or reports are generated. The alert or report indicates the need to update the case manually.