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.03 NA Mid Approval Contact Process – Compliance - A Change is Reported
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
When a completed and signed MAC form is received and one or more of the questions are answered with a Yes, additional action is needed from FAA based on the reported change. The change must be affected for all open programs.
When the MAC form is uploaded to OnBase with the MID APPROVAL CONTACT document type, AZTECS automatically overnight completes the following:
Displays a Y in the MAC RECD field on INDA
Generates the MAC CHANGE PROCESS (MACC) ACTS Alert. The ACTS alert assigned by AZTECS is due three workdays(g) from the date the alert is generated
Effect changes reported during the Mid Approval Contact (MAC) by following the procedures as outlined in Effecting Changes.
When enough information is available to act on the change, affect the change for all open programs. (See Effecting Benefit Decreases or Benefit Increases.
When verification is needed, send the INFORMATION NEEDED – NA (F011) notice and allow the budgetary unit 10 calendar days to return the verification. When this occurs an ACTS alert is not generated. When the participant complies with the MAC process and INDA has not been updated with a “Y” the worker must manually set the RV ACTS alert and update INDA. Use collateral contact when possible to obtain needed verification. When a request for verification is sent, extend the alert to the workday after all requested verification is due.
When the budgetary unit fails to provide the requested mandatory verification, close the case using the appropriate Denial Closure Reason Code, allowing for NOAA. Send the F200 Denial Closure notice and document the case file(g).
When the budgetary unit fails to provide verification of allowable expenses do not stop the benefits. Determine the benefits without the deduction allowing for NOAA.