FAA6.A Changes : 02 Reporting Methods
02 Reporting Methods
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
Reporting methods are the same for Standard Reporting and Simplified Reporting. The participant may report changes verbally or in writing. When the participant reports the change in writing, they may use the Change Report (FAA-0412A) form, or other written communication.
Changes may become known through Change Reports, applications, written correspondence, or may be FAA initiated. Changes may be provided through any of the following methods including, but not limited to:
Over the phone by calling the centralized Customer Support Center for HEAplus, AHCCCS and FAA
Online through Health-e-Arizona Plus
Online through MyFamilyBenefits
When an application is received in the FAA office, determine whether the application should be treated as a change.
When the participant or someone acting on their behalf comes into the FAA office to report a change, give them an FAA-0412A to complete. Assist the participant as needed. When possible, review the completed FAA-0412A before the participant leaves the office to ensure that the information provided is complete. The FAA office should scan the FAA-0412A to OnBase on the workday it is received.
When the change is reported by telephone, discuss the change with the participant and ensure that the information provided is complete. Attempt to resolve unclear or missing information with the participant while they are still on the telephone. Document the change in the case file(g).
NOTE The FAA-0412A may be used as a guideline to document complete information.
Renewal applications must be screened for potential changes. The screening process and any changes must be addressed by the close of the following workday. (See Pre-Application Screening)