FAA6.A Changes : 01 Changes Overview
01 Changes Overview
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
The Changes chapter explains the change reporting responsibilities of both the participant and FAA. This chapter also explains time frames and procedures for effecting changes.
Changes in circumstances may be reported in any of the following ways:
Directly by the participant
Discovered through system reports
Reported by a third party
At the interview, the participant must report any changes that have occurred from the application date through the interview date. After the interview, changes must be reported no later than the tenth calendar day of the month following the month the change occurred.
Budgetary units are subject to Standard Reporting or Simplified Reporting, or a combination of both, depending on the program involvement. The budgetary unit is assigned to reporting requirements for each program based on the following:
Budgetary units that include any of the following are subject to Standard Reporting requirements:
CA budgetary units including the following:
All CA participants are receiving NA assigned to Standard Reporting
All participants are receiving TPEP
NA budgetary units in which all participants are elderly or have a disability and do not receive earned income
NOTE For cases that have multiple programs attached, the MA participants are always subject to Standard Reporting. The CA and NA budgetary units are subject to either Simplified Reporting or Standard Reporting as stated in policy.
Simplified Reporting: Simplified Reporting applies when the budgetary unit is not subject to Standard Reporting.
NOTE Reporting requirements do not change until the next renewal, including when CA is approved after NA has been assigned.
To ensure the budgetary unit receives all the information and notices that may affect their eligibility, the PI or Representative should be encouraged to report changes in their address to FAA and the U.S. Postal Service when assigned to Simplified Reporting.
Policy and procedures regarding changes are outlined as follows: