UI Comparable Disqualification Start Date
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
When FAA learns that an NA participant has been disqualified by UI, initiate the disqualification. The disqualification period begins as follows, regardless of whether the period extends beyond the end of the approval period(g):
The first month possible allowing for NOAA.
The first month possible, following the discovery that noncompliance has not been acted upon on time. (There is no overpayment for the months in which the noncompliance was not acted upon timely.)
The first month an NA budgetary unit will not receive benefits pending a hearing decision.
The first allotment to be issued following the hearing decision when both of the following apply:
The hearing decision is upheld.
The budgetary unit did not waive receipt of continuing benefits pending the hearing decision. (See Appeals)
When it is discovered, after case closure or at reapplication following a break in benefits, that a noncompliance was not acted upon, complete the following:
Do not take any action to impose a disqualification.
Document the actions taken thoroughly.