UI Comparable Disqualification Periods
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
When an NA participant has been disqualified from UI, impose the UI Comparable Disqualification Start Date. The length of the disqualification period depends on whether the participant has been disqualified for NA work requirements in the past. The disqualification periods are as follows:
First violation - One month
Second violation - Three months
Third and subsequent violations - Six months
Non-receipt of benefits for any reason, for a period equal to the disqualification period, satisfies the disqualification requirement.
The following periods of non-receipt of benefits can be applied toward the disqualification period:
During the Appeals process when a budgetary unit waived its right to continued benefits
A period during which NA benefits were stopped for reasons not related to NA work requirements noncompliance
This provision can only be applied to participants who have been issued a notice which the stated disqualification period overlaps the non-work requirement closure months.