Transitional Child Care (TCC) - Eligibility
The CA budgetary unit is only eligible for TCC when the specified relative was receiving CA at the time of CA closure.
The following budgetary unit participants are potentially eligible to receive TCC when the budgetary unit becomes ineligible for CA:
Participants who were CA eligible prior to CA case closure.
Children under the age of 13 who were not receiving CA due to receipt of SSI or Foster Care, or due to the Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP).
Participants who have received a Grant Diversion payment.
Dependent children who were born, adopted, or moved into the budgetary unit after CA closure who are both of the following:
Under the age of 13.
A mandatory CA participant at the time of CA case closure, had the child moved into the home before the CA case closed.
Participants who did not receive CA due to failure to provide an SSN.