TBA Transition Process
(07/01/11 – 09/30/11)
When the CA case closure is keyed, AZTECS completes the following to determine whether the case transitions to TBA:
Checks the CA Denial Closure Reason Code to determine whether the EI or FN Closure Reason Code is keyed.
Checks the CA and NA Participation Codes on SEPA to determine that all participants are in compliance with program regulations. (See TBA Eligibility)
Checks whether the UT Verification code is keyed in AZTECS to determine that the change was reported timely.
AZTECS allows for TBA when an NA Eligible Participation Code is keyed on SEPA.
When the CA case is closed and has been determined eligible to transition to TBA, AZTECS completes the following:
Closes the NA case.
Registers a new NA application.
Sets the TBA five month approval period beginning the month following the month the CA case is closed. (See Example TBA 2)
Changes the code in the FS TYPE field on CAP2 from RE or SP, to TB.
Calculates the TBA benefit amount using the budgetary unit size, income and expenses budgeted in the last month CA was received. CA income is removed from the TBA budget. No changes in the budgetary unit size, income or expenses are included in the TBA benefit calculation. (See Examples TBA 3, TBA 4)
NOTE All changes known prior to the CA closure must be keyed for all active programs.
Continues any recoupment for overpayment.
When the NA case is in the last month of the approval period, the participant may be eligible for TBA without a renewal application. The worker must copy details into the month following the month the NA approval period ends. AZTECS completes all of the following:
Reviews the current information to determine whether the budgetary unit is eligible for TBA.
When the budgetary unit is eligible for TBA, extends the approval period for five months.
When the budgetary unit is not eligible for TBA, AZTECS displays an edit message *SEVERE* MTH PAST FS CERT END INELIG for TBA, CL ON FSED. WITH FX.
When the *SEVERE* edit message displays, the NA must be closed manually. Key the FX Denial Closure Reason Code on FSED.
NOTE An NA closure notice is not required.
The CA case may be closed due to the addition of a new participant and the new participant's income. When this occurs, the NA case does not transition to TBA.
FAA authorizes the TBA benefit and sends the F708 notice.
It is important to keep both the CA and NA programs in the current system month(g). Failure to do so results in the worker having to authorize supplemental benefits for the first TBA benefit month. (See Example TBA 1)