TBA Eligibility
(07/01/11 – 09/30/11)
The NA budgetary unit is potentially eligible to receive TBA benefits when the related CA case is closed using one of the following Denial Closure Reason Codes:
EI for Excessive Income
FN for Failed Need Standard
There is no limit to the number of times an NA budgetary unit may qualify for TBA.
To be eligible for TBA, all of the following must apply:
The NA case must be in OPEN or REC/REC status.
NOTE When the NA case is in the last month of the approval period, the participant may be eligible for TBA without a renewal application. (See TBA Transition Process)
The NA benefits must be issued in the month of CA closure.
NOTE Eligible no pay NA cases do not transition to TBA.
The current CA related case is closed and all of the following apply:
The closure action is the result of information reported timely.
NOTE When the information is reported untimely, key the UT Verification Code in the VR field and stop CA using the appropriate Denial Closure Reason Code on the appropriate screen.
The CA Denial Closure Reason Code is EI or FN.
None of the participants in the NA budgetary unit continues to be eligible for CA.
Participants in the CA and NA budgetary unit must be in compliance with both of the following program regulations:
Social Security Enumeration process.
Participants in the CA and NA budgetary unit must not be disqualified due to any of the following:
Voluntarily quitting (VQ) a job or reducing their work effort (RWE), without good cause.
NOTE CA and NA participants who have served the CA sanction period or the IPV period prior to the CA case closure are potentially eligible.
Fleeing to avoid prosecution, custody, or confinement after conviction of a felony.
A conviction for making fraudulent statements concerning residency or identity.
Receipt of a felony conviction for possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs.
A violation of a condition of probation or parole imposed by Federal or State law.
Participants in the NA budgetary unit must not be convicted of any of the following:
Trading NA benefits for controlled substances
Trading controlled substances for NA benefits
Trafficking NA Benefits
NOTE Budgetary units that are not eligible for TBA may continue to be eligible for regular ongoing NA benefits. NA eligibility must be determined using standard NA eligibility requirements.
When the CA case is closed due to the addition of a new participant and the new participant's income, the NA case does not transition to TBA.