TBA Closures
(01/01/17 –12/31/17)
The budgetary unit is no longer eligible for TBA when any of the following occur:
The five month approval period ends.
NOTE AZTECS sends a Notice of Expiration to the TBA budgetary unit.
Any participant in the TBA budgetary unit applies and is approved for CA.
When the PI applies for CA and is approved, AZTECS completes the following:
Stops TBA.
Registers a new application for NA using the date of CA approval as the application date.
NOTE The worker must complete the NA eligibility determination using standard NA eligibility requirements.
When a participant who is not the PI applies for CA and is approved, the worker must complete the following:
Track the status of the CA application.
When CA is approved, close the TBA using the OC Denial Closure Reason Code.
Send NOAA.