TBA Changes
(01/01/17 –12/31/17)
The TBA budgetary unit is not required to report changes for NA. The only changes processed during the TBA approval period are the following:
FAA receives notification that a participant has left the budgetary unit.
The Federal Government makes changes to applicable Nutrition Assistance rules.
The participant withdraws from TBA.
FAA is notified by the Office of Accounts Receivable and Collections (OARC) that an individual has been convicted of an Intentional Program Violation (IPV). This would disqualify the household from TBA benefits.
The participant may withdraw from TBA at any time. To withdraw from TBA, the participant must turn in a new application and a written statement requesting that TBA benefits be stopped.
When the participant turns in the request to stop TBA, and a new application, complete the following:
Close the TBA case for the first month possible allowing for NOAA.
Register a new application.
Send the Interview Required Notice.
When the interview is conducted, complete the following:
Document the case file(g) indicating the reason the participant requested TBA benefits stop.
Review the participant’s circumstances.
Determine eligibility using the regular NA policy.
The budgetary unit may be eligible for less NA benefits under the regular NA policy than they are receiving under TBA. When this occurs the budgetary unit is not eligible to return to TBA.