FAA5.A Work Registration (WORW) : 07 SNAP Career Advancement Network (CAN) Program
SNAP Career Advancement Network (CAN) Program
(01/01/22 – 12/31/22)
The purpose of employment and training services for NA participants is to help participants gain:
Skills and find work.
Self-sufficiency to move forward.
Independence and reduce dependence on public benefits.
In Arizona, the Department of Economic Security (DES) Division of Employment and Rehabilitation Services (DERS), Workforce Development Administration (WDA) administers employment and training services through third party partners called the SNAP Career Advancement Network, or the SNAP CAN Program.
The SNAP CAN Program is a community-based, federal and state-funded voluntary work program. SNAP CAN participation is available only to NA participants, 16 years of age or older.
Participants who meet either of the following cannot participate in the SNAP CAN Program:
FAA Workers must screen each NA participant to determine when a referral to SNAP CAN is appropriate at all the following:
New application
Renewal application
Change report
During the interview, complete the following as appropriate:
Key Y in the REF Y/N field on WORW to refer the participant to SNAP CAN.
Provide the PI or authorized representative with the SNAP CAN contact information.
Explain that Eligible NA participants can contact any SNAP CAN provider to request employment and training services.
Explain when benefits are approved, FAA sends a notice with information about the NA work requirements and SNAP CAN contact information.
Inform the participant of the following:
They may receive outreach material for job fairs, and employment resources from WDA.
Participants must contact SNAP CAN providers directly to receive employment and training services.
SNAP CAN providers can be found on the DES Website under SNAP CAN.
When a participant reports a change in circumstances, the participant’s work exemption status could change. See NA Work Registration for more information.
For more information about employment and training, see the following: