SNAP CAN Provider Determinations
(01/01/22 - 12/31/22)
FAA communicates with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Career Advancement Network (SNAP CAN) by keying AZTECS.
The SNAP CAN provider ensures the SNAP CAN participant meets their employment and training goals. When the provider determines that the participant is enrolled in an Employment and Training component that is no longer suitable for the participant, the provider completes a determination. This process is known as the Provider Determination.
The SNAP CAN provider notifies FAA of the determination using the Provider Determination (FAA-1828A) form. The provider sends the completed form to the FAA Research & Analysis (R&A) Unit within 10 days. The provider uses the form to document all of the following information:
The reason the SNAP CAN participant is not suitable for the component.
The information, or documentation that led to the decision, or that supports the decision.
The recommended next steps for the participant.
NOTE The SNAP CAN provider may enroll the participant in a more suitable component or service within their organization, without notifying FAA.
When the R&A Unit receives the FAA-1828A form, the form along with all of the documentation from the SNAP CAN provider is uploaded to OnBase(g). R&A documents the case file(g) of the participant, with the name of the participant listed on the FAA-1828A form and all of the following information:
The Provider Determination Form was received.
The date the Provider Determination Form was received.
When a participant reports a change in circumstances or requests FAA to review the Provider Determination form sooner than the renewal, complete all of the following:
Determine whether the participant’s NA Work Requirement Exemption needs to be updated.
Screen the participant to determine whether a referral to SNAP CAN is appropriate.
When no change is discovered to the NA Work Requirement Exemption or the referral status for the participant, document the case file with all of the following:
The name of the screened participant
No change is needed to WORW