Reinstatement During Disqualification
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
At any time following notification of disqualification and during the disqualification period, the budgetary unit or the participant may attempt to reestablish eligibility. Document the case file(g).
The budgetary unit may reestablish eligibility when any of the following occurs:
The noncompliant NA LP moves out of the budgetary unit.
The noncompliant NA LP becomes exempt from NA work requirements. (See work requirement exemptions) The budgetary unit applies for benefits with a new participant who is eligible to be the NA LP. The disqualified participant continues to be ineligible for the balance of the disqualification period.
The non-NA LP may reestablish eligibility when the budgetary unit reports a change that makes the participant exempt from the NA work requirements.
The disqualification follows a participant who moves to another budgetary unit. The disqualification only affects the disqualified participant when the disqualified participant does not become the NA LP.
The participant may become the NA LP of the new budgetary unit. When this occurs, the new budgetary unit is disqualified from receiving NA benefits for the remainder of the disqualification period.
In such cases, there is no overpayment when the disqualification period is not started on time.