After reviewing each, give the following items to the participant:
Assistance Programs, What You Need To Know (PAF‑001‑B) booklet
Family Assistance Programs – What You Need to Know (English/Spanish) (PAF-001-A)
Don’t Take a Chance….Report a Change! (FAA-1759) Flyer
How to Use Your Arizona Quest Card (FAA‑1045A, FAA‑1045S) for CA, NA and ST ONLY
Review any other materials specified by the local office management. Complete the documentation forms with the forms and pamphlets that were reviewed with the participant.
NOTE For telephone interviews, mail the pamphlets after explaining them to the participant.
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) pamphlet (POX-248) must be available in the local office lobby for the general public or in an informational packet provided to the hospitalized participant. When anyone requests ADA assistance, the local office must review the ADA pamphlet with them.