Nutrition Assistance Gross Income Test
(01/01/13 - 03/31/13)
AZTECS applies the gross income test in both the eligibility and benefit determinations, based on 130% or 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).
Gross income is the total of all countable income received by the budgetary unit less the Farm Self-Employment Loss.
Compare countable gross income to the maximum income allowable by budgetary unit size, except for either of the following:
Budgetary units containing elderly or disabled participants. Only the net income test applies to these budgetary units.
Categorically eligible budgetary units. These budgetary units are not required to meet the gross or the net income tests.
When the budgetary unit does not pass the income test, key the EI Denial Closure Reason Code in the DEN/CLOSE REAS field on FSAD.