Nutrition Assistance First Month's Eligibility
A budgetary unit may be ineligible the first month, but a change in circumstances for the second month becomes known before the determination is completed. Establish eligibility for the second month.
When FSAD indicates the budgetary unit Is Not Eligible in the month of application but is Eligible in the following month, complete the following:
Screen print FSAD for the ineligible month and document CADO with the reason for ineligibility.
F9 from FSAD.
On APMA, change the benefit prorate date to the first day of the second month in the BEN PRORATION DATE field.
Process through the application entry sequence.
Authorize benefits on FSAD.
Copy Details and process each month through the current system month(g).
Use one application for both months and send one decision notice, the F124 notice. The F124 advises the budgetary unit of the first month's ineligibility and the second month's eligibility.
A budgetary unit may be eligible for the month of application, but ineligible for a future month. Approve the budgetary unit for only the eligible month.
An NA new application cannot be prorated to the third month unless it has been denied for failure to provide verification or failure to complete the interview. (See NA Applicant Complies for procedures)