FAA5.E Food Stamp Allotment Determination (FSAD) : 04 Nutrition Assistance Categorical Eligibility - Overview : E Nutrition Assistance Budgetary Units In Eligible No Pay Status
Nutrition Assistance Budgetary Units In Eligible No Pay Status
(07/01/07 - 09/30/07)
The following apply to NA categorically eligible budgetary units (Basic or Expanded) in NA eligible no pay status:
The budgetary unit remains in NA eligible no pay status until one of the following occurs:
The budgetary unit reports a change, and the change, when verified, results in an NA increase.
A change causes the budgetary unit to lose its categorical eligibility status. (See Changes in Categorical Eligibility)
The Basic categorically eligible budgetary unit becomes ineligible for a reason other than income or resources.
The NA approval period ends.
When a reported change makes the budgetary unit eligible for an NA allotment, and the case is currently in an NA eligible no pay status, the following apply:
An interview is not required.
The NA increase begins the month following the month the change is reported. (See When to Effect Changes)
The budgetary unit is subject to reporting requirements and must comply with all NA eligibility requirements.
Mandatory participants are subject to NA Work Requirements.
When the budgetary unit submits an NA renewal application, process the NA renewal application following normal NA renewal processing procedures.