Nutrition Assistance Aggregate Allotment
The aggregate allotment is the total amount of benefits a budgetary unit is authorized to receive for the first two months.
Issue an aggregate allotment to budgetary units when both the following occur:
The budgetary unit applies for the first month's benefits after the 15th day of the month
They are determined eligible for the application month and the following month
The aggregate allotment includes the prorated month's allotment and the full benefit for the second month.
AZTECS determines the aggregate allotment.
Issue the aggregate allotment to eligible budgetary units subject to NA proration in the first approval month.
Include the second month's benefits in an aggregate allotment only after establishing ongoing eligibility for the second month.
Issue the aggregate allotment after the budgetary unit completes the following:
Provides all required verification by the data entry deadline as noted in the AZTECS Monthly Production Schedule (AMPS)
Expedites are entitled to aggregate allotments even when verification is postponed.
Do not issue an aggregate allotment when the budgetary unit is ineligible to receive benefits in either the first approval month or the following month.