FAA5.H Notice Request (NORE CLNR) : 01 Notice Issuance - Overview
Notice Issuance - Overview
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
Regulations require FAA to send written notification to advise participants of the application eligibility determination. Notices of approval, denial, changed, or closed benefits must be sent to the PI within the appropriate time limits.
NOTE When SPAN is in the LANG READ field on NORE, AZTECS sends a Spanish notice when available.
Do not send a decision notice when all participants in the budgetary unit are deceased.
All approval, denial, and closure notices contain standard formatted text. Notices may also require the keying of additional information.
When a participant requests communications in an alternative format due to a visual impairment, see Handling Accommodation Requests – Visual Impairments.
Policy and procedures regarding notice issuance are outlined as follows: