FAA5.A Work Registration (WORW) : 02 NA Work Requirements - Overview
NA Work Requirements - Overview
(01/01/22 - 12/31/22)
All NA participants aged 16 to 59, who do not meet a work requirement exemption are Work Registrants(g). As a condition of eligibility for NA, Work registrants must comply with all of the following work requirements:
Register for work with FAA at new and renewal applications once every 12 months.
Continue work without voluntarily quitting or voluntarily reducing work hours below 30 hours per week.
Accept a job offer paying average weekly earnings equal to or exceeding the Federal Minimum Wage times 30 hours.
Not disqualified from receiving Unemployment Insurance.
Provide FAA information about employment status and availability to work.
During the interview register the participants for work, unless exempt from the NA work requirements. (See NA Work Registration for more information on how to register a participant for work.)
NA disqualifications are imposed when a work registrant fails to comply with the NA work requirements. FAA reviews Good Cause Reasons before imposing an NA disqualification.
Use the NA Work Registration and SNAP CAN Script (FAA-1786A) to explain the NA work requirements and review the NA work requirement exemptions when any of the following occur:
When conducting an NA interview and at least one member of the budgetary unit is a Work Registrant.
When a change is reported that causes a participant to no longer be eligible for an NA work requirement exemption.
When adding an NA participant aged 16 to 59 to the budgetary unit.
NOTE It is not necessary to explain the NA work requirements when the entire household is exempt from the NA work requirements.
When screening NA participants for NA work registration, also screen each participant to determine whether a referral to SNAP CAN is appropriate. (See SNAP CAN Referral Screening for more information.)