NA Work Requirement Exemption-Student
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
A participant who meets all of the following criteria is exempt from NA work requirements and the ABAWD work requirement:
Enrolled in any recognized school, including training programs, or institutions of higher education.
Attending at least half-time, as defined by the institution.
Consider the participant exempt during normal periods of class attendance, vacation, and recess, until the participant meets one of the following:
Is suspended
Is expelled
Drops out
Expresses an intention not to register for the next normal school term (excluding summer sessions)
For the NA work requirement exemption, key ST in the PAR/EXEM FS field on WORW.
For the ABAWD exemption, key ST in the EXPT RSN FS field on WERE.
See NA Students for policy and procedure requirements.