NA Work Registration
(01/01/22 - 12/31/22)
FAA uses the NA Work Registration and SNAP CAN Script (FAA-1786A) to explain the NA Work Requirements when at least one member of the budgetary unit is a Work Registrant(g). FAA registers Work Registrants for work when any of the following occurs:
During the interview a participant is determined to be a Work Registrant.
When a reported change causes a NA participant to no longer be eligible for a work requirement exemption.
When adding a Work Registrant to an existing NA case.
To register the participants for work, complete all of the following:
Identify and document the case file(g) with the name of the NA Lead Participant.
Explain the NA work requirements and to whom they apply.
Explain the disqualifications that apply when a Work Registrant does not have good cause for failing to comply with the NA work requirements.
Explain the good cause reasons for failing to comply with the NA work requirements.
The SNAP CAN Referral Screening for all NA participants aged 16 and older.
Key WR in the PAR/EXEM field on WORW for Work Registrants.
When benefits are approved at new or renewal NA application, the NA Work Requirements (X640) notice is automatically sent in the following circumstances:
When at least one member is a Work Registrant.
When adding a Work Registrant.
When an exempt participant becomes a Work Registrant.
NOTE To ensure the X640 notice is sent the correct WR Work Registrant code must be entered in the PAR/EXEM field on WORW.
The X640 notice provides required information to the budgetary unit about the NA Work Requirements, including all of the following:
Who in the budgetary unit is subject to the NA Work Requirements.
Exemptions from the NA Work Requirements.
Periods of disqualification for failing to comply with the NA Work Requirements.
When the participant is referred to SNAP CAN, the notice also includes the contact information for SNAP CAN.
When an NA participant states they would like to participate in SNAP CAN, determine whether a referral to SNAP CAN is appropriate. (See SNAP CAN Referral Screening for more information.)