NA Voluntary Withdrawal - Verbal Request
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
When a budgetary unit (BU) verbally requests to withdraw their application for benefits or to stop benefits, the reason for the request must be explored and documented in the case file(g).
When the reason for the request is due to the BU moving out of Arizona, complete the following:
Ask for, and document the date the BU moved or is moving out of AZ
When the reason for the request is due to a change of household size, or income, complete the following:
Advise the participant that a change in household or income may not result in ineligibility for benefits
Offer to report the information as a change to redetermine eligibility
When the participant agrees, process Report a Change (RAC) in Health-e-Arizona Plus (HEAplus)
Inform the participant they will receive a determination notice
When the BU continues to request a withdrawal of benefits, complete the following:
Key the Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) Denial Closure Reason Code when unable to determine the reason for the request, or the BU wants to withdraw.
Deny the application or stop benefits the first month possible allowing for Adequate Notice.
Send the Voluntary Withdrawal (C201) notice to confirm a closure request for voluntary withdrawal.
The budgetary unit retains their right to request an appeal; however, do not continue benefits pending the outcome of the hearing when benefits are stopped using the VW Denial Closure Reason Code.