NA Notice of Expiration (NOE)
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
AZTECS mails a Notice of Expiration (NOE) to each NA budgetary unit so that it is received as follows:
At least one day before the last month of the approval period.
No earlier than the next to the last month of the approval period.
AZTECS automatically creates an NOE notice on the 1st of the month prior to expiration.
AZTECS does not automatically generate the NOE notice to budgetary units approved for three months or less when the approval is keyed after the AZTECS NOE issuance date.
When an approval period is assigned and the approval completed after the AZTECS NOE date, send an F009 notice.
In cases where the timeliness of the NA NOE is in dispute, determine whether adequate mail time was allowed, using the following:
The postmark on the NOE
Adding two days to the NOE postmark date for receipt of the NOE
Do not prorate the initial month's benefits when both of the following apply:
NOE was not issued during the prior approval period
The participant is reapplying for NA in the month following the month that the approval period ended
The NOE informs the PI of the following information:
The effective end date for the approval period.
The date by which a renewal application must be filed in order to receive benefits by the normal issuance date.
The requirement to complete the scheduled interview process to continue receiving benefits by the normal issuance date.
The following interview options:
Local office
Home‑based interview
The requirement to provide all requested verification to continue receiving benefits by the normal issuance date.
The right to request and have FAA accept an application as long as it is signed and contains a legible name and address.
The address of the office where the application needs to be filed.
The consequences of failure to comply with the NOE requirements.
The right to file the application by mail or through a representative.
The right to request an Appeal when the renewal is denied or if the participant disagrees with the amount of benefits received.
The right to apply at the Social Security Administration (SSA) when the budgetary unit consists totally of SSI recipients.