Jobs Noncompliance
When a CA participant is noncompliant with Jobs, the Jobs Program is responsible for completing the following:
Determining whether the noncompliant participant is exempt from Jobs participation.
Determining whether the noncompliant participant has good cause for the noncompliance.
Assisting the participant in obtaining verification of good cause for noncompliance when any of the following occur:
Assistance is requested, including barriers that were identified at the FAA interview.
Verification was provided to another DES agency.
Ensuring that the CA budgetary unit is sanctioned.
Sending the appropriate Jobs Sanction Notice to inform the PI that their benefits are being reduced or stopped.
Notifying FAA via DES Interface and ACTS by the tenth day of the current sanction month of another instance of noncompliance.
NOTE The Jobs system transmits information to FAA via ACTS alert after the current sanction notice ten day due date expires.
FAA takes action to impose the graduated sanction policy within three workdays(g) from the date they receive the ACTS alert.