FAA5.I Ending the Interview : 04 Items to Complete - Overview
Items to Complete - Overview
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
Before ending the interview, complete the following:
Review the application to ensure that all questions on the application are answered.
Have the participant sign the application.
Immediately upload verification documents received during the interview to HEAplus or OnBase.
NOTE Verification documents received and uploaded during the interview are not required to be date stamped.
When verification is required during or after a telephone interview, provide to the participant the fax number of (602) 257-7031, HEAplus fax number (advise the participant to use the HEAplus fax coversheet) or by mail to:
Arizona Department of Economic Security
PO Box 19009
Phoenix AZ 85005 9009
Any verification documents not uploaded during the interview must be date stamped prior to uploading to HEAplus or OnBase. All dropped off verification documents (mail, fax, dropped off in the FAA lobby) received after the interview must be dated stamped.
Do not use the "Received" stamp on the following:
Original legal documents.
Verification provided by the participant and the participant requests the verification not be stamped.
Place the copies in the case file(g).