FAA5.H Notice Request (NORE CLNR) : 02 Notice Types Requirements - Overview : F Information Request Notice Requirements
Information Request Notice Requirements
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
When eligibility or a redetermination of benefits cannot be completed, due to unavailable required verification, the appropriate information request notice must be sent. Participants must be notified and allowed ten days to provide the required verification. All information request notices must be sent to the correct address of the participant.
When a face-to-face interview is completed Key # in the DELETE (#) field, to delete the generated notice situation, when the verification is requested using the Information Request and Pending Information Agreement (FAA‑0077A) form. The FAA-0077A must be signed by both the participant and the worker. Upload the signed FAA-0077A into OnBase.
When a notice must be sent in Spanish, follow the procedures in Translation Services When Sending Notices.
Use the System Selection (SYSE) screen in AZTECS to access the Display Notice Selection (DINS) screen to view the current content of any information request notice.