Grant Diversion (GD) Keying Procedures
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
When the Grant Diversion (GD) option is selected by the CA participant, key the following information on the following AZTECS screens in the first eligible month:
Key GD in the DEPRIVE CAUSE field. When both parents are in the home, key UP in the DEPRIVE CAUSE field.
Key EX in the AF COOP field.
In the first GD eligible month, key GD in the INC TYPE field and DP in the SUB TYPE field.
Multiply the CA Payment Standard on AFPD by 0.8, round the result up to the next whole dollar and multiply by three. Key the result in the AMOUNT field on UNIN.
NOTE This process is required to accommodate the 20% reduction in the CA benefit amount.
Key D1 in the NEED STD field when the participant has an obligation to pay shelter costs in the month of the GD determination.
Key D2 in the NEED STD field when the participant has no shelter obligation in the month of the GD determination.
Key GD in the PAR/EXEM field on WORW for participants who are in the Grant Diversion budgetary unit and have no other work program exemptions.
When there is at least one dollar in the Net Unrounded Need field on AFPD, complete the following:
Key a three month approval period in the REVIEW DUE DATE field
Authorize the zero dollar benefit amount
Copy details into the second and third month of the GD three month approval period as follows:
Process through each AZTECS screen in the AZTECS Roadmap to ensure correct keying.
Do not remove the GD payment code (GD DP) on UNIN.
Replace the GD payment amount with zeroes.
Remove all terminated income or income that does not continue for future months.
Anticipate and budget any earned or unearned income in the applicable months. Key OF for NA on the applicable income screen when income causes GD to fail.
When the zero benefit amount has been authorized for the three month GD period complete the following:
Copy details into the fourth month.
Delete the GD payment on UNIN.
Replace the OF income type code with the appropriate income type code on one of the applicable income screens.
Key the GD Denial Closure Reason Code on AFED in the DENIAL CLOSURE REASON field.
Key the first day of the fourth month as the ineligible date in the INELIG DATE field.
Authorize NA, when applicable.
Place the GD benefits and the CA Grant Diversion Approval (A111) notice on hold on BENH
Place the case on the appropriate tracker for the FAA Supervisor or Office Manager to review and authorize the GD benefits.
No later than the next business day after the case was placed on the tracker, the Supervisor, or Office Manager completes the following:
Reviews the GD case using the FAA Supervisor’s Approval Checklist (FAA‑1411A) to ensure case accuracy
When the case is not accurate, returns the case to the worker for correction
When the case is accurate, releases the GD benefits and the A111 notice from hold on BENH and authorizes the GD payment (See Authorizing the Grant Diversion Payment).
NOTE AZTECS mails the A111 notice the day after the notice is released from hold.
AZTECS automatically releases the hold from the A111 notice and the GD benefits 45 days from the CA application date, or the fifth business day of benefit hold, whichever comes first.