FAA5.D Cash Assistance Payment Determination (AFPD) : 05 Grant Diversion (GD) - Overview
Grant Diversion (GD) - Overview
(01/01/22 - 12/31/22)
Grant Diversion (GD) is one nonrecurring payment of three months of CA. The purpose of the GD payment is to divert the CA participant from ongoing CA when the participant is likely to gain full‑time employment within 90 days.
All CA applications are screened for potential GD eligibility. To screen for potential GD eligibility, use the Grant Diversion Screening Guide (FAA-1579A) form when completing priors then place the form in the case file(g).
(See Conducting the Interview for prior instructions.)
A GD payment can be received ONLY once in a 12-month period. (See Examples GD Eligibility 4 and GD Eligibility 5)
The GD period covers the first eligible month and the following two months. CA budgetary units are potentially eligible for GD when all the following are met:
An adult in the budgetary unit is immediately available for full time employment and one of the following requirements is confirmed by the PI:
Has employment or self-employment income history in the application month or within the 12 months prior to the application month and reasonably anticipates being gainfully employed.
NOTE A participant statement is acceptable verification when the participant is self-employed or when all other means of verification for employment have been exhausted.
To help determine the employment and self- employment history, see Earned Income Types and Types of Self-Employment Income.
Has successfully completed an educational, vocational, or job training program in the application month or within the six months before the application month
Has a job offer for full time employment that begins within the three calendar months of the GD approval period.
When a participant meets one of the three criteria above, consider them likely to gain full time employment within 90 days of the application.
They are eligible for at least $1 of CA in the application month or the following month.
NOTE A new CA application may be prorated into the third month but is untimely when a determination is made beyond the 45th day.
An adult is included in the benefit amount (keyed “IN” on SEPA).
The budgetary unit did not receive CA in the month of application.
The budgetary unit must not have received GD in the 12 months prior to the application month. Month one is the month of the new GD payment. (See Examples GD Eligibility 4 and GD Eligibility 5)
NOTE When the application is prorated to a future month the participant may be eligible.
A participant may still be eligible for GD when they have received 12 months of CA and are requesting a hardship extension.
See CA New Application Time Frames for the legally required GD time frames.
The following apply to the GD option:
To divert the CA participant from ongoing CA when the participant is likely to gain full-time employment within 90 days.
The payment is not countable unearned income for NA.
When all NA budgetary unit members are included in the GD budgetary unit, they are an NA Basic categorically eligible budgetary unit during the GD approval period.
NOTE When the three-month GD approval period ends, the budgetary unit is no longer a Basic categorically eligible budgetary unit. When the budgetary unit is determined to be eligible for ongoing NA benefits, Expanded categorical eligibility may apply.
All CA participants that are eligible for at least $1 and identified as TPEP budgetary units must be processed as potentially eligible for GD.
GD months are not countable towards the Lifetime Benefit Limit.
GD participants are exempt from:
The three-day TPEP Jobs participation and completing the Recent Employment/Training Background (FAA‑0155A) form and the Determination of Primary Wage Earner (FAA‑0155B) form
Signing the Cash Programs Personal Responsibility Agreement (FAA‑1523A) form
Policy and procedures regarding GD are outlined as follows: