FSAD Eligibility Determination
The income eligibility tests performed on FSAD include the NA Gross Income Test for regular NA budgetary units, and the NA Net Income Test for both regular and special category budgetary units.
FSAD also completes the final allotment test, which compares Allotment Income to the applicable Thrifty Food Plan amount.
AZTECS performs the following tasks to determine eligibility for the NA income tests:
Determines whether the case is an Expedited NA case
Checks all other NA eligibility factors for the case before completing the benefit calculations
Totals all countable income
Accumulates all countable NA expenses and applies these deductions to the total income as required by NA policy
Compares the resulting calculation to the following program limits for the final determination:
Thrifty Food Plan amount
When NA deductions exceed the amount of countable income, the deduction fields on FSAD do not display the NA deduction maximum
When the case passes the NA gross income test and the NA net income test AZTECS performs the final allotment test
When either of the two first tests fail, AZTECS does not calculate the allotment and displays zeros in the remaining amount items.