FAA and SNAP E&T Services Communications
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
The FAA worker communicates changes to SNAP E&T services by keying AZTECS. This includes changes such as stopping NA benefits, change of address, employment income, and work exemption status changes.
When a participant or SNAP CAN Provider determines that the E&T component is not suitable for the NA participant. A provider determination is completed by the SNAP CAN Provider to help the NA participant find an E&T component suitable to the participant’s employment and training goals.
When a participant’s circumstance has changed a re-determination of either an NA work requirement or ABAWD work exemption may be needed. A re-determination for an exemption must be completed at the participant’s next renewal.
A re-determine for an NA or an ABAWD work exemption can be requested by a SNAP CAN Provider. To request a re-determination for an exemption, the SNAP CAN Provider must send an email to FAA Research and Analyst (R&A). The email must include the following:
Address email to [email protected]
Subject of the email: Provider Determination exemption
Name, case number, and date of birth of the participant
A description of the changes in the participant’s circumstances.
NOTE A SNAP CAN provider redetermination request is not an exemption from the NA work requirements or the ABAWD work requirements.
FAA R&A responds to the SNAP CAN Provider via email when the re-determination is completed.