EMPOWER Deduction
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
This field displays a deduction for a CA budgetary unit when a BC child is not included in the benefit due to EMPOWER policy.
The EMPOWER earned income deduction is an amount equal to the amount of CA benefits the participant would have received when included in the CA benefit.
The deduction is first applied against the income of the participant that has the greatest countable income after all other earned income deductions have been calculated. Any remaining amount is applied against the earned income of any additional participants.
AZTECS calculates the EMPOWER deduction as follows:
Subtracts the amount of the CA benefit that does not include the participant from the CA benefit that would include the participant.
The difference is the amount of the EMPOWER earned income deduction.
The EMPOWER earned income deduction does not apply to the following:
Many Tribal TANF cases (See the Benefit Determinations section under the specific tribe in Tribal TANF Assistance)