FAA5.D Cash Assistance Payment Determination (AFPD) : 03 Determining Prospective Eligibility - Overview
Determining Prospective Eligibility - Overview
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
Participants must meet prospective eligibility requirements before a budgetary unit can receive benefits. To be considered prospectively eligible, the budgetary unit must meet the following income limits:
The following determine prospective eligibility differently:
In addition to the income tests, the budgetary unit must meet requirements for specific eligibility factors.
NOTE AZTECS automatically computes and displays the prospective eligibility income determinations on AFNN, and AFPD.
Complete the prospective eligibility income test for family and the budgetary unit by projecting the following circumstances:
Key income anticipated to exist for the benefit month on applicable income screens (i.e. EAIN, UNIE, UNIN, and SEEI).
Key expenses anticipated to exist for the benefit month on EXNS.
Key resources anticipated to exist for the benefit month on appropriate resource screens (i.e. FIAC, LIAS, VEHI, and OTAS for detailed policy regarding resources).
AZTECS automatically calculates and displays a benefit amount on AFPD when the budgetary unit is determined to be either of the following:
Prospectively eligible for both income tests
Prospectively ineligible for both income tests
(See CA Payment Standard Test for policy regarding the payment limit income determination)
Determine prospective eligibility using the CA Needy Family Test (FAA‑0200A) form and CA Income Maximum and Needs Test form when AZTECS is not available.