Changes in Benefits Notices
Participants are required to report changes that impact eligibility.
When a change is reported, a notice must be sent when there is a benefit decrease, increase, or benefits are closed. When a change is reported by the participant, a notice must be sent when there is no change in benefits.
NOTE AZTECS automatically mails a change report to the PI when certain notices are mailed.
Changes in benefits notices must contain the following information:
The type of change action
The effective month the change in benefits occurs
The new benefit amount before recoupment
The amount of recoupment when a recoupment exists
Names of eligible and ineligible participants
The reason for the change in benefits
Change notices must also contain the following:
Reasons for sanction (when applicable)
Effective date of sanction (when applicable)
Benefit amount based on percentage of sanction
Name of contact person for information on how to comply
NOTE When a sanction is being ended, the notice must also contain the 100% benefit level amount and the effective date.