FAA5.D Cash Assistance Payment Determination (AFPD) : 08 Cash Assistance Approval Periods
Cash Assistance Approval Periods
(01/01/23 – 12/31/23)
AZTECS assigns the CA approval period(g) based on the budgetary unit’s circumstances. Approval periods begin the first day of the first eligible month.
AZTECS automatically assigns a 12-month approval period for the following CA Child Only budgetary units:
Kinship Foster Care Child Only
Kinship Care cases in which the non-parent caretaker relative (NPCR(g)) is coded OU on SEPA
Parent is coded OU on SEPA due to receipt of SSI benefits
AZTECS assigns a six-month approval period to all other cases.
A renewal must be completed by the last calendar day of the renewal month to be considered timely. (See Renewal Process)