CCA FAXed Application Procedures
The Child Care Administration (CCA) FAXed Application Process is for individuals requesting Child Care services at an FAA office NOT collocated with CCA staff.
When an individual inquiry about Child Care at an FAA office either at the reception area or during an interview, complete all of the following:
Explain to the individual that CCA staff are not available in the office and provide the individual with an Application for Child Care Assistance (CC‑001), plus the CCA Rights & Responsibilities.
NOTE The CC‑001 may be requested from DES supply or printed as needed from the CCA website. (See the Child Care Administration's webpage.)
When the individual completes as much of the CC‑001 as possible, FAX the application to the Child Care Office. The CC‑001 must include the individual's name, address, phone number, and signature. CCA staff contact the individual to determine eligibility for CCA programs and services.
Send the original CC‑001 to the same CCA office through interoffice mail.
FAX all of the following available documents with the CC‑001 to expedite processing and to prevent the individual from having to provide the same information to CCA:
Pay stubs
Employer's statements
Other income verification the individual has on hand
Provide the individual with both of the following:
The DES Child Care Program's Brochure (PAY‑519). The brochure includes CCA contact information.
The individual's copy of the signed Child Care Rights and Responsibilities page from the CCA application.
When the CCA application is not completed or is not returned, take no further action.