CA Voluntary Withdrawal - Overview
(01/01/12 –03/31/12)
Participants have the right to withdraw from CA at any time. Prior to stopping benefits, explore the reason the withdrawal has been requested and use the appropriate closure code.
Policy and procedures regarding CA voluntary withdrawals are outlined as follows:
When the PI requests to withdraw from CA, key VW in the DENIAL CLOSURE REASON field on AFED.
The PI may request to withdraw from CA after the EBT run date. When this occurs, complete the EBT Emergency Benefits/Cancellation of Benefits Request Form (FAA‑1003A) and send it via email to the EBT Emergency Benefits Unit the same day of the voluntary withdrawal request.
The EBT Emergency Benefits Unit ensures that the benefits made available to the PI's EBT account for the following month are removed.
When withdrawing from CA would avoid an overpayment, advise the PI and give them the opportunity to withdraw.
For information on withdrawing during the application process, see Withdrawing an application.