CA Renewal Procedures
(01/01/20 – 12/31/20)
Complete the following at each CA renewal:
Review and ensure a signed copy of the Personal Responsibility Agreement (PRA) is placed in the case file(g).
NOTE When the participant refuses to sign the PRA, see PRA Noncooperation.
Verify eligibility factors subject to change, and for which there is no current verification.
Review the case and ensure that all the adult participants coded IN on SEPA complete and sign the Illegal Drug Use Statement.
Review DISA and PRAP to determine the status of participants who may be sanctioned or disqualified from receiving benefits.
NOTE Add new participants or former participants who are eligible in the renewal month. Determine eligibility for the Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) when adding participants with a child in common.
Obtain verification for any change reported and completed without verification. (See Effecting Changes)
Ensure current case status and ongoing CA benefit levels are correct. Determine whether any eligibility payment errors occurred since the last approval or renewal.
When an overpayment has occurred, establish the applicable CA overpayment months and complete the Potential Overpayment (OP) Referral (FAA-0526A) form.
When an underissuance has occurred, establish the applicable underpayment months and issue the Supplemental CA Payments on UNAU.
When a participant applies during a three-month Grant Diversion period, see Grant Diversion Eligibility Determination.
Review DCSS forms in the case file, and information on the Absent Parent Screens, with the PI to ensure information is accurate and up to date.
Key all current information in AZTECS to determine whether the budgetary unit remains prospectively eligible.
When the budgetary unit is prospectively eligible, complete the following:
Key the user PCN in the PAYMENT AUTH field. AZTECS assigns CA Approval Periods.
Send the appropriate renewal approval notice.
NOTE When there is a decrease in CA, send the appropriate notice allowing for NOAA.
Document the case file(g) with any changes.
When the budgetary unit is prospectively ineligible, complete the following:
Key the user Personnel Control Number(g) in the PAYMENT AUTH field on AFPD.
Key the Denial Closure Reason Code in the DENIAL/CLOSURE REASON field on AFPD.
Key the CA ineligible date in the INELIG DATE field on AFPD.
Send the appropriate renewal denial notice.