FAA5.D Cash Assistance Payment Determination (AFPD) : 10 CA Ineligible Date - Overview
CA Ineligible Date - Overview
(01/01/08 – 03/31/08)
The first month after the change occurs in which the budgetary unit does not meet CA eligibility requirements is the first month the budgetary unit is prospectively ineligible.
The date of ineligibility when more than one change occurs is the first calendar day of the month after the month the change occurred that caused ineligibility.
See CA Initial Month Special Rules for ineligible dates for a new application.
When the change occurred prior to the current system month(g) complete the following before stopping benefits on AFPD:
Calculate the budget for each applicable month, using the CA Needy Family Test (FAA‑0200A) form and CA Income Maximum and Needs Test (FAA-0200C) form.
NOTE When the participant fails to timely report a change in earned income, do not allow the earned income deductions until the month after the change is reported. Key UR in the DENIAL CODE field on EAIN or SEEI as applicable to budget the income. This prevents AZTECS from allowing the earned income deductions.
Compare the income calculation to the limits listed in the CA income standards to determine eligibility for the month following the month the change occurred.
Complete the following on AFPD to stop CA benefits:
Key the user PCN in the PAYMENT AUTH field.
Key the appropriate Denial Closure Reason Code in the DENIAL/CLOSURE REASON field.
Key the date of the first ineligible month in the INELIG DATE field. This date is no sooner than the month following the change that caused ineligibility.
Send the appropriate NOAA.
Place the completed FAA‑0200A and FAA‑0200C in the case file(g).
Complete an Overpayment Referral when an overpayment exists.
Document the actions completed.