FAA5.D Cash Assistance Payment Determination (AFPD) : 09 CA Employed Child Care - Overview
CA Employed Child Care - Overview
The Child Care Administration (CCA) provides Child Care Assistance for CA participants to participate with Jobs, to accept employment, or to maintain employment.
Jobs refers the participant to the local CCA office through an interface between the Jobs automated system and the CCA automated system. Jobs also gives the participant the phone number for the local CCA office and advises the participant to call to arrange for child care.
CCA may pay part or all of the cost of child care depending on the age of the child and the type of provider the participant chooses. The participant is responsible for charges that are more than the CCA payment. When choosing a provider, the participant needs to ask the provider about any costs in addition to what CCA pays. Jobs may be able to help the participant pay certain additional costs.
Provide the participant with a Child Care Application (CC‑001). (See Child Care FAXed Application Process for procedures to fax the CCA application to the local CCA office)