CA Delays In Processing - Overview
Verification may not be available for certain participants in the budgetary unit (such as citizenship or noncitizen status). When this occurs, do not delay processing CA eligibility for participants whose eligibility factors have been verified. In these situations, complete the following:
Determine eligibility for participants for whom all information is verified
Add the remaining eligible participants when verification becomes available (See Adding a Participant)
Document all reasons for delays in processing the case past the CA processing deadline in the case file(g).
When the applicant's refusal or failure to cooperate delays processing of the CA case, the following apply:
The applicant must be informed of their requirement to cooperate.
Give the applicant ten calendar days from the time of any request for information, or verification, to provide the information. (See Eligibility Factors Table)
There is no requirement to wait until the CA processing deadline to deny the application.
An applicant may be unable to provide required information or verification. In this situation, the local office must offer assistance. Document the case file accordingly.
An applicant may have an eligibility interview scheduled near the CA processing deadline. When this occurs, allow the participant ten days to provide the required information and verification even when this extends the processing beyond the CA processing deadline.