Basic Categorical Eligibility
(01/01/17 – 12/31/17)
Basic categorical eligibility (BCE) exists when the budgetary unit does not have a participant coded DF on SEPA and all budgetary unit members receive any of the following:
TANF CA Benefits. This includes when either of the following occur:
The budgetary unit is CA eligible, but no CA benefit is being paid.
Any portion of the CA benefit is being recouped for an overpayment.
(See Examples CE TANF 1, CE TANF 4, and CE TANF 5.)
TANF Services (See TANF benefits or services(g).)
SSI This includes participants whose SSI benefits are in no‑pay(g) or suspend status(g).
A combination of BIA GA and SSI (See Examples CE GA or SSI 1 and CE GA or SSI 2.)
Budgetary units that include SSI participants that are in suspended status for failure to comply with a drug and alcohol treatment requirement are not considered to be in BCE.
NOTE When any participant in the budgetary unit meets the NA definition of elderly or disabled, the budgetary unit receives special considerations. (See Elderly or Disabled NA Requirements.)
Consider an NA Basic categorically eligible budgetary unit to have met the following NA eligibility factors:
Gross and net income tests
Social Security numbers for CA and BIA GA participants, and SSI recipients
Resources of participants disqualified from participation and coded DI on SEPA count in full.