Approval Notices
(01/01/09 – 03/31/09)
Send an approval notice for both of the following types of determinations:
New application approval
Eligible months
Approval notices must contain the following:
Eligible months.
Begin and end date of the approval period.
Benefit amount, prior to recoupment, for each month included in the determination.
When either of the following occur, the approval notice must inform the PI that the first month's benefits will not be issued:
The benefit amount is less than $10.
The budgetary unit is Categorically Eligible No Pay.
When there are eligible and ineligible months or participants, the approval notice must contain the following:
Ineligibility reason.
Ineligible months.
The F121 notice must be sent, containing the following, for expedited NA approvals:
The specific verification that must be provided.
The date when the verification is due. This is the 30th day from the date of the application or 10 days from the date the F121 is sent, whichever is later.
That no further benefits will be issued until the postponed eligibility requirements are verified.
That a change will be made without further notice, when verification provided results in a change in benefit level.