AFPD - Purpose
(10/01/14 –11/30/14)
AFPD summarizes the CA Payment Standard Test and is used to approve, deny, or close CA and TPEP benefits.
Two AFPD screens display information as follows:
The first AFPD screen displays the case name, case number, and benefit month that is being determined.
When ENTER is pressed from the first AFPD screen, the second AFPD screen displays.
The second AFPD screen displays a summary of income, resources, and income deductions based on information as keyed on EAIN, SEEI, UNIN, UNIE, and EXNS.
AFPD does not display the total countable deductions when deductions are more than the countable income.
Authorize the eligibility determination on AFPD when any changes are made on income screens, SEPA, or any other data screens. This allows AZTECS to perform income tests and compare income to appropriate income limits.
Actions taken on AFPD allow AZTECS to perform the following functions:
Update CA benefit history on AFBH when new benefits are authorized, or when overpayments or underpayments are created.
Delete any benefits previously created for the month, when benefits have not been issued and the budgetary unit is ineligible.
Update UNIN with the newly calculated CA benefit amount, when authorized on UNAU.
Establish applicable notice situations for sending on NORE.
To review income or dependent care expenses that are summarized on AFPD, key an X next to the item to be reviewed and press ENTER. AZTECS advances to the applicable screen.