A Requesting Missing Information
(10/01/11 - 12/31/11)
Inform the participant of all missing information needed to complete the eligibility determination, as follows:
List the missing verification on the Information Request and Pending Information Agreement (FA‑077) form. (See Verification Cooperation)
Give the participant ten days from the date of interview to provide the verification. Tell the participant, that should they not return the missing verification, the application will be denied, or benefits could be reduced or delayed. (See Requesting Verification Be Provided for time frames)
Have the participant sign the FA‑077. Give the original to the participant, and place the copy in the case file(g) with the application.
Help obtain the information needed when the participant requests.
Have the participant sign all verification request forms needed to request information on behalf of the participant.
(See Questionable Information for additional policy)