B Expanded Categorical Eligibility
(01/01/17 – 12/31/17)
Expanded categorical eligibility exists when all of the following apply to the budgetary unit:
Gross income does not exceed 185% of the current federal poverty level (FPL)
The NA budgetary unit does not meet Basic categorical eligibility requirements
The budgetary unit does not have a participant coded DF on SEPA due to a disqualification. (See NA Participants Keyed as DF)
The resources of all participants coded DI on SEPA are not over the NA resource limit
A participant in the budgetary unit may meet the NA definition of elderly or disabled. In this situation both of the following apply:
Expanded categorical eligibility applies to the budgetary unit only when the budgetary unit's gross income does not exceed 185% of the current FPL and no participant is coded DF on SEPA.
Consider an NA Expanded categorically eligible budgetary unit to have met the following NA eligibility factors:
Gross and net income tests
Resources of participants disqualified from participation and coded DI on SEPA count in full.