FAA5.I Ending the Interview : 01 Ending the Interview - Overview
01 Ending the Interview - Overview
The Urgent Bulletin emailed 07/01/2020 informed staff that NA renewals, Mid Approval Contact, and the signature requirements remain suspended through 07/31/2020.
Effective with all applications registered on or after 07/01/2020, the requirement to complete an interview is reinstated. See Urgent Bulletin emailed 06/29/2020.
The interview requirement is waived for CA and NA applications dated March 1, 2020 through June 30, 2020, see the Urgent Bulletin emailed 04/03/2020 and the Urgent Bulletin emailed 06/02/2020 regarding Waiver of the Interview and Signature Requirements.
Policy and procedures regarding ending the interview are outlined as follows:
Inform the participant of all items listed on the official FAA application in the AGENCY USE ONLY box.
Review with the participant all applicable documents, forms, and pamphlets.
Complete the final steps to end the interview, including obtaining all necessary signatures.
Provide the participant other information as required by the local office.
Ensure that the participant has been advised of the programs that are to their best advantage.