B Changes in Benefits Notices
Participants are required to report changes that impact eligibility.
Send one of the following types of notices when an eligibility determination has been completed on reported changes:
NOTE AZTECS automatically mails a change report to the PI when certain notices are mailed.
Changes in benefits notices must contain the following information:
The type of change action
The effective month the change in benefits occurs
The new benefit amount before recoupment
The amount of recoupment when a recoupment exists
Names of eligible and ineligible participants
The reason for the change in benefits
Change notices must also contain the following:
Reasons for sanction (when applicable)
Effective date of sanction (when applicable)
Benefit amount based on percentage of sanction
Name of contact person for information on how to comply
NOTE When a sanction is being ended, the notice must also contain the 100% benefit level amount and the effective date.